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Areas of Focus

Primary Education


Empowering a woman starts with educating a girl

– Julia Gillard

250 million

Number of illiterate children


Reduction in rate of violence for each year a child remains in education

1.5 x

Likelihood a child will be excluded from education because she is a girl


Reduction in child mortality if her mother can read

We believe that every child has the right to education regardless of who they are, where they live or how much money their family has. We believe that education brings about social change and creates opportunities for girls and women to realize their full potential, starting early is key.

Girls face a unique set of barriers to education such as child marriage, early pregnancy, domestic labour and unsafe travel to school. In addition, many societies under-value girls’ education, with the result that fewer girls enroll and that they are more likely to drop out.

The Alnaus Foundation is committed to improve access and quality of education for girls and women in developing Asia.



Orphans and fostered children are significantly less likely to attend schoon than non-orphaned children


Children are naturally hungry to learn, but often face daunting barriers to reach their full potential. Orphans face many stressors and competing priorities regarding family, health, education, economic stability and safety. Lack of economic stability and safety are significant barriers for education and empowerment of girls and women in the developing world.

The Alnaus Foundation works to address the roots of these impediments to education and empowerment by supporting child orphanages to provide children and specifically girls with a safe and pleasant living environment to strive in.

Women Networks

Women Networks.jpg

Ideally, we all have equal possibilities in the world based on our abilities and desires. Realistically, this isn’t a perfect world and there is a need for networking groups that strengthen individual potential

– Carrie Perrien Smith

Societal issues continue to restrict the potential of many women. Whilst women naturally tend to put the needs of their families ahead of personal development, women are also more likely to have experienced home situations in which they are taught that they have limited options or aren’t as capable as men.

Societal issues can affect the determination that it takes for women to further develop themselves.

Women can draw hope from other women who encourage them and share their stories.

The Alnaus Foundation is committed to support women networks and movements aimed to promote women’s physical and mental health, education and empowerment.


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