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We strongly believe in Humanity Above All

The Alnaus Foundation is a not for profit international development organization committed to actively promoting humanity above all. Everyone should be recognized as a valued member of society whatever a person’s ethnicity, nationalism, religion and thinking.

The world is experiencing massive upheavals driven by social, economic, political and environmental change. In particular, we think that a lack of education, lack of economic opportunity and discrimination are all contributing to large segments of society not being able to participate or not having their contribution recognized.

We have a collective responsibility to respond to these global challenges. We recognize that we will not be able to change the world overnight, hence the Alnaus foundation focuses its efforts in areas where we can have the biggest practical impact.

We believe the empowerment and education of girls, women and migrants is one of the best investments we can make for families, communities and society.

Our Mission

We empower girls and women to achieve their full potential.

We believe that the largest underrepresented segment in society are mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. There is still a long way to go in achieving true emancipation for women and girls.


We educate and empower migrant youngsters in the Netherlands to find their way in Dutch community.

The integration of our immigrant population is still one of the most divisive challenges faced by Europe.

Our Story

Founded in April 2018, the Alnaus Foundation has been set up to continue realizing the vision and mission of Alma Mahawat Khan.

Alma had a successful career in the financial services industry, focusing on complex technology transformations and pragmatic decisions needed to ensure profitability and investment returns for her organization. Her reputation as a strong willed go-getter at work also translated into realizing her deeply held conviction that she had a social responsibility to fulfill.

Alma recognized that her success was the result of her integration into Dutch society where her hard work and talent were recognized. She also acknowledged that not all migrants and women had the same opportunities as her. Alma dedicated a large part of her life to the empowerment and education of girls and women globally and migrant youngsters in the Netherlands.

Alma was an active participant of the Dutch feminist movement and Dutch politics. She believed that inequality stemmed from a lack of understanding and dialogue and often facilitated debate to find common ground between polarized parties. In this current volatile environment, we believe her mission is now more important than ever.

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