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How We Work

CSR driven market connector

Increasingly organizations are looking for ways to deliver on their corporate social responsibilities (CSR). A significant gap exists between the primary needs of girls and women in the developing world and the associated products and services which can be offered by corporations.

The Alnaus Foundation aims to bridge the gap between supply and demand of products and services which could dramatically empower and improve the quality of life of girls and women in the developing world.



Awareness is a critical first step in breaking stigma and to communicate to girls, women and Dutch migrant youngsters that they are not alone, their struggles are real and worth fighting for. Raising awareness offers hope.

The Alnaus Foundation organizes and contributes to seminars, conferences and social campaigns to break stigmas that impede humanity above all.

Financial Support

We understand that in some circumstances financial support is required to empower, educate or to escape the poverty cycle.

Besides direct action, the Alnaus Foundation invests in small scale initiatives that demonstrate tangible and sustainable improvement to the lives of girls, women and Dutch migrant youngsters.

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