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Our Team

Our Board of Directors


Amira Mahawat Khan


Amira is a Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting based in Singapore, advising top globally listed companies across Europe and Asia on their business strategy and how to realise their mission.

Amira is experienced in developing innovation and technology strategies as a  means for companies to stay relevant and thrive in a rapidly changing world. In addition, she regularly develops business cases and draws up financial statements.

Amira is passionate about helping the less privileged in the developing world. In this context, she frequently supports the development of social start-ups in the region.

Amira completed a Master’s Degree in Business Administration Strategy & Organization from the VU University of Amsterdam and graduated Cum Laude from Bath University where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Innovation and Technology Management (Mechanical Engineering).


Marzia Sakoer


Marzia is a strategic advisor at the Dutch Government for the Service of Judicial Institutions, giving advice in the field of work council and trade unions.

Marzia is organized and has gained experience as a secretary in previous jobs at the Dutch Government.

Marzia participated in various volunteering projects, amongst other she was part of the board of directors of AIESEC Leiden (The Netherlands), regularly provided free legal advice and volunteered in a shelter for children in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Marzia successfully completed a Master’s Degree in Public International Law from the Leiden University and recently successfully completed her Legal Traineeship at DisGover.


Amar Soekhlal


Amar is a tax inspector at the Tax and Customs Administration of the Netherlands. Previously, he has worked in various financial positions in the corporate world.

Amar is passionate about the further development of the Surinamese cultural identity. In this context, he is a volunteer at Sarnámihuis where he writes short articles pertaining to the history and culture of Surinam. Furthermore, he is the chair of the foundation Holi Samen which anually organizes holi/phaguwá in The Hague. Previously, Amar was the treasurer of the students union Surinen, board member of the foundation ‘Welzijnswerk Surinamers Den Haag’ and chair of the foundation organizing the Hindustani Film and Music Festival.

Amar obtained a Master’s Degree Tax Law from the Leiden University.


Mildred Schwengle

Member of the Board

Mildred left private practice in 2017 to serve as a State Councillor, a member of the Advisory Division of the Council of State of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Mildred considers herself to be fortunate enough to have had role models in her family who taught her on an early age that contributing to the greater good of society was a natural part of life. By making even the smallest contribution, or inspiring others to do so, equal opportunities can be created for everyone and the world will then become a better place. Small actions, when carried out on a massive scale, can result in dramatic changes and significant transformations. Women and girls belong to the most vulnerable group in society and are often at the bottom of the transformation ladder. When empowered, they are bound to achieve wonderful things for themselves, for their loved ones and their community, for the world.

Our Supervisory Board


Naushad Boedhoe


Naushad has retired. He is currently the president of Curatorium Jit Narain Culture Prize and Jit Narain Lecture, and editor of a book series about the Hindustani history and culture in Surinam and The Netherlands.

Naushad was deputy mayor of Lansingerland (The Netherlands), management consultant at Amircon and at the Ministry of Defence (The Netherlands), staff member at Leiden University and the University of Technology Delft.

Naushad was board member of several not for profit organizations with focus on political awareness, and emancipation of opressed en discriminated groups.

Naushad has a Master’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Economics, both obtained at Leiden University.


Raymond Tans


Raymond is owner of Raymond Tans – Public Affairs Strategies consultancy based in Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands, advising organisations and companies in agriculture and horticulture on strategies for public affairs and lobby at the EU authorities in Brussels (Belgium) and the governmental organisations in The Hague (The Netherlands).

Raymond has been working for the ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality as policy advisor on EU horticulture policy and as diplomat based in Germany and Poland. For the Netherlands flower auctions, he has been responsible for the Brussels based office for EU affairs and lobby.

Raymond has a Ing/Bachelor degree in Agriculture from the University of applied Sciences in Dronten.

Minke Oosterlaan.png

Minke Oosterlaan


Minke is an architect with her own architecture firm. Established in 2008, Minke’s firm mainly specializes in new construction and refurbishments.

Minke is a committed architect who likes to help her clients to create a home - a beautiful, safe and tranquil environment aligned to the wishes of her clients.

Minke likes to contribute to activities that helps to connect people. Amongst other, she is currently involved in a housing initiative for scouting Berkel en Rodenrijs, network meetings for local entrepreneurs and housing queries from local associations in the Netherlands.

Minke completed a Master’s degree in engineering from the Delft University of Technology, specializing in architecture.

The Alnaus Foundation is a not for profit organization and the Board of Directors is not remunerated for their work at the Alnaus Foundation. The Alnaus Foundation has no employees.

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