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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Founded in April 2018, the Alnaus Foundation has been set up to continue realising the vision and mission of Alma Mahawat Khan. Alma dedicated a large part of her life to the empowerment and education of girls and women globally and migrant youngsters in the Netherlands.

Alma considered education as a key factor in the struggle for equality. She believed that education provides the solid soil on which one can build a career, achieve economic independence and moreover provides the opportunity for independent thinking.

Alma believed that everyone should be in service of mankind. In line with this philosophy, Alma donated her organs to people in need, allowing four people to start a new life.

Alnaus Foundation has been supporting initiatives across the globe, and most recently, we are delighted to announce that the Alnaus Foundation has been granted the status of Public Benefit Organization (Dutch acronym: ‘ANBI’) by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. Because the Alnaus Foundation is awarded the ANBI status, donations to the foundation may be partially or fully deducted from taxable income. This status will allow Alnaus Foundation to grow our support to existing organisations and amplify our vision and mission.

We are thrilled about what the future holds and the potential impact we can have as a passionate group of people devoted to empower communities.

This blog will be a voice from the Alnaus foundation to share updates about our initiatives and outcomes achieved. We welcome our readers to engage, ask questions and make suggestions.

Watch this space!

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